“About half my designs are controlled fantasy, 15 percent are total madness and the rest are bread-and-butter designs.”

-Manolo Blahnik

Kitchen Design – Your vision to life!

Getting the right Kitchen design is very important. The design needs to work for you in various ways. There is many a kitchen design out there that “looks great” but is a nightmare to work in. Your kitchen needs to be a design based around you and what you need.

The first step to your great kitchen design is a visit to see the position of services such as water, drainage, electric and gas supplies. We also look at the layout of the room, is it North or South facing, position of doors, windows and any other fixtures. We will take accurate measurements to ensure that your new kitchen design will actually fit into your home and spend time discussing your requirements and what is possible or not.

Next is the CAD drawing, this is the fun part, at least for us, where we input your kitchen design into our state of the art computer software program. We then invite you into our showroom to see your new kitchen virtually in your home in full High Definition giving you a real feel for the shape and colour. A few coffee’s later and some changes made will give us the final design that’s right for you. This is not about boxes against the wall in a house, this is the heart of your home and you need to be happy with the way it both looks and feels.

From hobs to knobs we will listen to what you want and advise you all the way with an honest and experienced approach to good kitchen design.

Odd shaped room or want that “WOW factor”, all this is possible, it’s not a problem, it’s a challenge!

Traditional, Modern or Contemporary, full on curves or minimalist square lines, your choice of design is what we will work with to achieve your dream kitchen, the way you want it.